Hopefully over the last few months during the glorious spring and summer, you’ve had an opportunity to take some awesome photos of your kids! Perhaps you have a few that you’d like to display? Rather than letting all those great photos “collect dust” on your hard drive or memory card, here are some ideas on how to creatively display them in your home, office, or to give them as a gift:

Hang Photos, or No?

If you don’t like the idea of 100 little holes in your wall to hang photos, put up some shelves! You can balance frames on the shelves, and easily switch them out as you acquire new ones. Staggering the shelves will allow you to put some larger frames on the end. Look for great, affordable frames at local discount stores, thrift stores, or even garage sales.

Extra tip: If you happen to be at Ikea, keep an eye out – they sometimes have sales on frames for as little as 49 cents each!

Kids’ Room Murals

Kids love hanging up their art, photos of themselves, and other stuff – rather than clogging up your fridge you can use wire or string and paperclips to create wall murals of their favorite photos, along with some of their artwork. For a mobile effect, you can run wire across the ceiling and let the strings hang down to just above (adult) head level. Help your kids choose photos and art to hang up on a regular basis to refresh the room.

displaying photos of kids

Mix and Match Photos of your Kids

I love houses that have an eclectic style, which is why the mix and match approach is so appealing – plus it’s cheap! All you need to do is start collecting picture frames in different shapes, sizes, and styles until you have enough to fill a wall. Want a more cohesive look? Grab a can of spray paint, remove the glass, and make all the frames the same color (or choose a few colors to complement your decor) – it’s an easy project that will take only and hour or two and can transform your photo frames.

Kids’ Photography Magnets

Convert photos into magnets for a fun and practical way to display some of your best images. You can get this done through just about any photo-printing service, as well as online photo shops like Shutterfly. Print up some extras for friends and family, use as housewarming gifts, or stocking stuffers.

Old Windows

If you come across old windows at a garage sale, thrift store, or junk pile – grab them! The multiple “panes” are perfect picture frames. You can leave the paint peeling for a rustic look, or clean with a wire brush, prime and paint to refresh it. This makes an awesome gift and is perfect for the house or cabin. You can easily hang the new frames inside of an existing window to add privacy, you can even look into printing transparencies to let the light shine through.

Need more ideas? Here’s a great Pinterest board with 125 ways to display your photos – there’s no doubt that you’ll find some that really appeal to your sense of style.

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