Fall is one of the best times of the year for taking kid’s photos; it has a bit of everything – it’s crisp but not too cold, there’s nice colors, and the sun sets a bit earlier so you can include your children in some nice “golden hour” photos. So where should you go for your fall photo shoot? Here are some suggestions:

children's fall photography

Pumpkin Patch & Orchards

Rich brown soil, green leaves, and gorgeous orange pumpkins everywhere – what could be better? Plunk your kids in the middle of a few large pumpkins and step back to take some photos. For best results you want them wearing something that contrasts with the color of the pumpkins, such as brown for a subtle difference or purple or blue to make them really stand out.


Babbling brooks with orange and yellow leaves make for a relaxing and serene background for your next family photo. Get your kids outfitted with raincoats and boots and let them splash around while snapping some fun photos.

The Ocean at Sunset

The great thing about fall is that you get earlier sunsets so you can take your kids along. The “golden hour” just before and after sunset gives you nice rich tones and a beautiful background to pose your family against. Remember that if it’s bright behind your subjects you’ll have to adjust your exposure to ensure they don’t appear as silhouettes by using the Spot Metering setting in your exposure menu, or manually adjusting the exposure.


Leafy Paths

If you can find a leafy path under some trees, go there! The natural frame created by the trees and the fall colors make for a perfect image, whether you take photos of your kids walking towards you or away. For a change you can ask them to race away, and then run or skip back towards you for some fun faces. Don’t forget to increase your shutter speed for the “action” shots, and use AI Servo or Continuous Autofocus to ensure your focus stays sharp.

The Park in the Fog/Rain

Foggy or wet days don’t have to be spent inside; they can make for fun photos! Put on a few layers and head to the park. Snap some ghostly photos of your kids in the fog – running around, facing away, sitting (bring a blanket), even playing on the playground. Dress up in raincoats and boots as a neat prop for original kid’s photos.

nyc_manhattan_family_photographer068These are just a few ideas, please comment if you have any other suggestions for fall photos of your kids, or locations you might want to share!


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