January 20, 2017
kids photography techniques 2017

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions is to become a better kid’s photographer in 2017, then it might be time to break out of the box and try a few new techniques. So what kid photography tips can help you take better photos of your kids in 2017? We have a few suggestions:

Technique #1: Black and White Kid’s Photography

Usually used for dramatic photos or to add that antique feel, black and white photography when it comes to kids can not only yield great photos, it can help you embrace other techniques like tonal contrast and dynamic range. By excluding color, you can focus on other building blocks of great photography.

Technique #2: Props

Adding select props to kid’s photos can help them pop. Think brightly-colored hats, scarves, toys, and other props. Also vintage items: apple crates, toy boxes, wagons, tricycles, etc. You can use any prop you want or work on a theme.

Technique #3: Minimalism

If you feel like there’s too much going on in your photos, too many techniques to think about, start with this one. Minimalism is pretty straight-forward; it involves cutting out as much as possible – so you’re just left with the subject. Once you’ve embraced minimalism, you can start adding other techniques back in.

kids street photography techniqueTechnique #4: Kids’ Street Photography

Get outside! And not just to your usual haunts. Photography in the city can offer new scenes for kid’s photography as well as letting your child explore somewhere new. You can find endless opportunities for great photography: brick walls, graffiti, neon signs, fountains, statues, subways, etc.

Technique #5: Lifestyle Photography

Getting out of a photography funk can be as simple as throwing the rules out the window. Instead of posed photos where everything is perfect, aim for lifestyle kids’ photos – images where your kids are interacting with their environment. Reading, cooking, playing, anything goes in lifestyle photography.

Technique #6: Photography Course

There are a ton of free courses online, and usually some locally that can really help cement your photography skills. Look for courses that offer real feedback – where instructors will help you improve your photos, rather than just giving you material to read.

Above all, use 2017 to start incorporating more photography rules and techniques into your kids’ photos. Whether it’s the rule of thirds, focal point, balance, contrast, the more techniques you can master, the better your child photography will become.


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