christmas day photography newborn and baby photographer jane Goodrich Larchmont, NYHoly cow, it’s almost here? In this special issue of the Jane Goodrich Photography Blog, we’ll explore a few different areas of Christmas Day photography, and how to make the best of each situation to get awesome photos. So put down the wrapping paper and have a read – these few tips may save your Christmas Day!

Christmas photography newborn photographer jane goodrich Larchmont, NYStockings and Presents (and Kids too!)

If you can, get a photo of stockings before they are opened, perhaps artfully arranged under the tree, or still hanging on the mantle? If there’s no way you’ll get there then open them after Santa has come and they are nice and full.

A fun task for smaller families can be to arrange presents by the recipient, then pose each child in front of their pile (or all together). Again, if you can get them to wait that long!

Moms and Dads

Christmas may be mostly about the kids, but it’s no fun for kids to look back on Christmas Day in years past and never see their parents – so trade off camera duties. You can also get parents on Christmas Day doing other activities such as cooking breakfast or dinner, cleaning up, relaxing with some coffee (or falling asleep on the couch).

christmas day photography newborn, baby, family photographer Larchmont, NYChristmas Lights

Before your big turkey dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood to see all the amazing Christmas lights (or drive to a nearby neighborhood where you know there are a few good displays). The trick for great Christmas light display photos is to go right around dusk, before it gets too dark. Don’t forget your tripod!

What About the Food?

We all enjoy the amazing food at Christmas dinner, but the following year we may not remember just how fantastic is was. Take some photo! Whether it’s a perfectly-cooked bird, an artfully-arranged veggie plate, or a too-die-for dinner – they all make for great subjects!

christmas day photography newborn photographer jane goodrich Larchmont, NYQuiet Time

When the presents are opened, breakfast is consumed, and everyone is full, happy, and playing quietly (or so we hope) with their new toys – get out your camera. Odds are this is the one time of year where your kids are actually going to cooperate. If you’re lucky someone bought them a new outfit and they can dress up too!

That’s it – if you can capture just a few of these fun moments tomorrow (gasp – it’s tomorrow!) then you’ll have some fond photos to look back on in years to come. Merry Christmas!

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