tips for toddler photographyToddlers are so much fun! Wait, did I say fun? What I meant was they are trickier to photograph! What with the climbing, jumping, yelling, throwing, running, how on earth can you take any decent photos of your little one? Here are a few tips:

One: Get Them Off The Ground

Want to stop your child from running off when you’re taking a photo? Well they can’t run if they can’t touch the ground, can they? Tire swings (or regular swings) are great for this – just remember to put your camera in “action” mode (or a faster shutter speed) if you are putting them in motion. Then stand in front (but out of the way) and capture their happy faces.

Two: Get a Hand Holder (or Toddler-Wrangler)

toddler photography tips

While you don’t want a photo with anyone but your troublesome toddler in it, having someone hold their hand while they walk towards you can make for an interesting photo if you only include the person’s arm, as well as preventing your child from taking off. In a pinch, your hand-holder can also act as a toddler wrangler to keep your little girl or guy from booking across the street, or they can distract from the camera if needed.

Three: Get Photographs of Toddlers in Action

Action shots are fun and candid – as long as you don’t have a “runner” who is going to keep his back to you the entire time while you chase him down the street (back shots are great but not for the whole shoot!). Playgrounds and parks are a great place for this, as they are open and there are lots of fun things for your little person to see and do.

Also, look for long bridges or pathways that provide a bit more dramatic interest to a photo than the usual backdrops (as long as it is safe for your child, of course).

toddler photography tips

Four: Spy Time (For Candid Toddler Photos)

If you own a zoom camera or zoom lens then you may have an easier time getting more candid photos from your child. Wait until your toddler is engaged with someone or something, and then zoom in on their little faces. You’ll get some priceless shots while they get to be themselves and have a good time.

toddler photography tips

Five: Corners Are Good

Putting your child in a corner may not sound like a good thing, but for photographs it accomplishes two important tasks. One, it keeps your child contained; two, it provides an interesting backdrop for your photo. Look for brick walls, fence panels, or any surface that could make your photo (and your child) stand out.

Overall, taking photographs of your toddler can be challenging but if you are up for a fun challenge you will get great photographs of your toddler and have a blast at the same time!

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