Have a special someone in your life who loves photography? Or, do you have some great photos that would make excellent gifts? Here are a few ideas on Valentine’s gifts for 2013:

Photo Books

There are a ton of websites out there that let you quickly and easily upload photos and use customized templates to create gorgeous photos books. You can add an extra romantic touch by uploading photos of “special moments” such as first dates, anniversaries, etc. As an added plus, these book typically come in a range of sizes and styles to suit any budget.

Check out Shutterfly or Picaboo for details.

Photo Jewelry Box

Create a gorgeous, customized photo jewelry box by uploading your loved ones favorite photo – such as from you wedding, the birth of your child, or just a great photo of the both of you. The box can be used for keepsakes, jewelry, cufflinks, etc. and will always remind them of a special moment in your lives. You can even use it as a gift box to hold another present, for double the fun!

Visit Snapfish for details.

Kelly Moore Bag

Photography nuts never find the “perfect” bag to carry all their gear (plus other stuff), but over at Kelly Moore you will find a fantastic selection of gear bags, in a variety of styles and colors. These bags are perfect for anyone, male or female, who wants to look stylish while having the functionality of a compartmentalized bag to carry their camera equipment.

Sterling Silver Photo Charm Bracelet/Necklace/Cufflinks

Have a great photo (or photos) of your kids or another special moment? Consider having them converted into a lovely piece of jewelry that will be treasured always – such as a charm bracelet or cufflinks. Simply upload your photo(s) and order – it’s that easy!!

Visit Snapfish for details.

Gift Certificate

Does your loved one really, really (I mean really) love photography? Have they always wanted to learn more about how to take great photos? Then I have a perfect gift – a gift certificate to one of my photography workshops. Your loved one will get to learn the ins and outs of photography from a real pro, me! Simply email [email protected] to request a gift certificate, or visit my workshops page for details.

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