Modern Family Photography: Recent Favorite Urban Family Portraits

Modern Family Photography: Recent Favorite Urban Family Portraits

There’s something so modern and unexpected about an urban family photo shoot. The invigorating environment and the visual backdrop of the city come together to make some great photo opportunities.

Urban mommy and me photography by Jane Goodrich
Mommy and Me

What to wear to your photo shoot in the city

Just like with any other photo shoot, you want to consider your background when choosing your outfits. An urban backdrop provides a really fun opportunity to get creative with what you and your family wear. Start with considering the season, and then tossing in a bright pop of a signature color. Urban photoshoots are a great way to let each member of your family showcase their own personal style. Choosing one signature color for the photo shoot will let everyone dress in their own style but also keep continuity in the pictures.

Urban family photography session Jane Goodrich

When to book

Spring is just around the corner (thank you!) and is a gorgeous time of year to have an urban photo shoot. The color is fantastic and everyone in the family is ready to get outside and have some fun. The combo of long awaited nice weather, beautiful blossoms and color, and excited faces makes for some truly amazing pictures.

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