February 10, 2017
spring family photography

Can you feel it? Or are you still digging out from the last snowstorm? Regardless, spring will get here soon – are you ready to use the season to take some great photos of your family? We have some suggestions to help get you started.


Fields of flowers, a single flower cupped in hand, flower in the hair – find some flowers! Whether you photograph your child, siblings, your family, or even just the flowers themselves, adding flowers to your photos can help you embrace spring.

Here’s a tip: if you want to “see” the field of flowers in a photo, use a narrower aperture, so more of the field is in focus. However, for face-only or single flower photos a larger aperture can help to put the focus on the subject.

Bright Spots

Even if spring isn’t in full bloom yet, you can help it along by adding a bright spot in your family photos – such as with a bright scarf, shirt, or accessory. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, and combinations.

Keep your surroundings in mind. For example, in a field of green grass, you’ll want your accessory to stand out, such as red or yellow. Against a backdrop of blue, you’ll want to use pink, yellow, etc. Likewise, if your background is patterned you’ll want a solid color to stand out, and vice-versa.

Move to the Beat

Spring is the time for renewal and to get moving. The best way to do that is to find some music. Not only does it help lift the spirits, but it can also give you some more authentic (i.e. less posed) photos of your family. Turn on some tunes in the background, or better yet, go out and find some street music to get your kids moving.

Paint a Picture

Having trouble finding a good scene? Then get your kids to help paint one! A canvas, some brushes, and some paint. Let your little ones experiment, or paint some large blocks of colors to use as a background.

If you’re not a painty-person, look for some murals in your town for a colorful background or to add some interest.

More Color!

Whether inside or outside, more color always helps your family photography feel more “springy.” You can have fun finding and using colorful backgrounds, adding accessories, and making your family photos as springlike as possible.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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