January 6, 2017
finding a family photographer

finding a family photographerGreat family photos pose a unique challenge; although you might have the skills to take the photo, you might find it hard to pull together the three requirements for a great family photo: location, equipment, and photographic ability. Being in front and behind the camera makes it much more difficult to create memorably photos, which is why you may want to find a great family photographer for your next family photo shoot. Here are some tips to find a photographer that will work with you to great amazing, memorable photos of your family:

choosing a family photographerStart With Style

Your primary challenge will be to find a photographer whose work matches your personal style – once you have that it’s merely a matter of narrowing down your choices. You can start at or city-level directories, view online portfolios, or talk to friends and family members.

Look for a theme in most of the family portrait photos you view – are they cute, classy, cheesy, or artsy? Do you like the images you see, can you connect with them?

choosing family photographerLook at Locations for Family Photography

While you’re considering style, look at the locations that a family photographer chooses to film at. If you want an outdoor shot do you like the locations that were chosen? If indoors, are you happy with the lighting and background? For outdoor locations, you’ll want to find out where your photographer commonly goes for photoshoots, and whether he is willing to choose locations near your home.

Make Contact and Talk

Once you’ve chosen your top three family photographer prospects it’s time to make contact. Send out an email or make a phone call. You’ll want to ask about rates, availability, and what each package includes (size and number of prints, digital files, etc.).

Keep track of who you contact, and when. Photographers go through busy periods, so don’t despair if you don’t get a response right away. The key here is to find the right family photographer.

family photographer tipsNarrow Down

When you have your list of packages, rates, locations, and availability you’ll have enough information to make a final decision. But before you do, head over to non-biased sites like Yelp to see some reviews (unless you already have a personal referral from a friend), as well as checking photography accreditation associations like the National Association of Child Photographers . Many family photographers will book up quickly for weekends – if you can be a bit more flexible with your dates you’ll find it’s easier to find a photographer who can accommodate your family.

Final Tip: Try to not let price dictate your choice – there’s nothing worse than choosing a “budget” option and then not liking the results. Make sure the family photographer you choose has a portfolio that shows consistent results, and then make your final decision.

All that’s left is to set the date and put down a deposit – soon you will have some amazing images to share! Of course, if you’re looking for a great family photographer you can always start here. Cheers!

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