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As a new parent, it’s hard to find time to do just about anything. And while you surely want to get some great newborn photos, there’s limited time, energy, and cooperation on the part of your new baby. So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled together a few quick and easy newborn photography poses for you to try out.

Pose #1: Bundle of Joy

Once your baby is bundled up and warm, fed, and dry, place him on a soft surface and get your camera out. Make sure focus is on the eyes, try out different apertures if you have time before baby starts to fuss. Additionally, try out different combinations of wraps and backgrounds for different effects.

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Pose #2: Overhead Touchdown

You’ll need to settle baby somewhere close to the ground (such as a playpen) or have a ladder handy. Ensure that it’s warm and well lit. Once asleep, you can get an overhead view and capture to your heart’s content.

westchester newborn photographer_-640 jane goodrichPose #3: Sleepy Arms

This is a continuation of the pose above, just a bit closer to capture those perfect hands. Remember that you don’t have to always have face/eyes, feel free to spend some time photographing hands, feet, etc.


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Poe #4: Twinkle Toes

You might need to play a bit with your focus/aperture here to get what you want – to large of an aperture and you’ll only have focus on the toe you choose (usually the big toe that’s closest to the camera).

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Pose #5: Twinkle Toes Variation

Here’s a variation of photographing newborn toes head-on. With a larger aperture the diaper is softened to bring more attention to the toes. For focus, choose a big to focus on, hold the shutter halfway, then reframe your scene so the toes are centered. Start with a larger aperture, such as f/2.8, or whatever your lens allows. Portrait mode on regular cameras can offer a similar effect, or you can try adding blur with an editing program.

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Pose #6: Lovely Lips

While you’re photographing hands and toes, add lips as well. This type of shot isn’t a common one, which makes it more memorable. Notice how the nose, lips and arm run in a rough diagonal from corner to corner, rather than straight across. westchester newborn photographer_jane goodrich

Pose 7: Sleepy Angel

While many newborn photography poses depend on baby on her back, if you have a side sleeper you’ll have to develop a whole new bag of tricks. This pose just needs a comfortably sleeping baby, a large aperture and tight focus on the nose/eyes.

westchester newborn photographer_ jane goodrich

Pose #8: Baby Bean

This pose can prove challenging. For one, it requires a baby who’s comfortable sleeping all tucked up. Two, it requires the same baby to not pee (or otherwise) for as long as it takes them to fall asleep and for you to get set up. It can help to have the baby somewhere you can shoot from both sides, so you’re not depending on them to turn their face towards the camera. As always, warm and well fed will help you succeed, as well as a medium aperture so you don’t have to worry too much about where you focus (face/eyes).westchester newborn photographer_-621 jane goodrich


Pose #10: Perfect Yawn

Again, this pose is more timing than anything. You simply need to be ready. For new parents, you’ll probably have a good idea after a few days as to how long baby naps, set up about 15 minutes early. Focus is best on the nose or top of mouth and a larger aperture is used. You might need to set up and lock focus (or turn to manual focus) so you’re ready when it happens. It’s a more challenging newborn photo, but worth the effort.

Of course, you might not have the time, energy, or inclination to try any or all of these poses – in which case find a great newborn photographer to give you a hand!

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