December 4, 2016
gift ideas for child photographers

It’s that time of year again! You’re wondering “what will I get my (friend/spouse/family member) this year that they will really love?” Well, if they’re a fan of photography we have a great list of items to consider this year.

For kids and adults, This Book is a Camera is a great gift. It really is a camera! Along the way, you can learn about how camera’s really work, which in turn can lead to better photos. For $30, buy a few for friends and family.

If the photographer in your life is really into kids’ portraits or macro photography, consider an Oflash. For $40, it lets photographers harness the power of their speedlight to offer stylized lighting. They might not think they need it, but once it’s clicked in they’ll wonder how they ever did without it.

Small space? Help your photographer show off their work with corner frames!

gifts for kid photographersIf your gift-receiver loves their new iPhone or smartphone, help them get “more” with a lens kit. At just $25 and up, you can find one that suits your budget.

Backup storage might not be the hottest gift for child photographers, but if they haven’t been regularly backing up their photos it might be time to consider some insurance.

The cloak bag is one of the most amazing inventions…ever. Your camera is snug and safe inside and the bottom opens up so you can take photos while it’s still protected. Cool!

Camera-shaped USB memory sticks make great stocking stuffers, and is perfect for sharing photos. For users with new Macs, help them get more out of their ports with a Hyper USB-C dock which adds a few USB ports and SD/MicroSD card readers.

xmas gift ideas for child photographersGoPro Accessories are great for the on-the-go family. Consider a floating hand grip, head strap, waterproof case, or voice activated remote.

Tired of seeing their one-armed selfies? Then a Muku shutter is the answer – this keychain-sized remote lets the user take phone photos from up to 30 feet away.

If light’s an issue, consider a Lumecube, which gives your photographer a surprising amount of light in just a little cube.

For photographers who are out shooting in the cold, look for Freehand Power Stretch Gloves. They work with touch screens, are nice and warm, yet still allow enough flexibility to adjust settings on a camera. And just $30.

How much does your gift-receiver love Instagram? Then they’ll probably love a Projecto – a tiny projector that displays your Instagram stream.


Of course, for an easy-peasy, no muss, no fuss gift for any child photographer, look for a few great books by Jane Goodrich at your local bookstore, or on Amazon.

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