September 21, 2015
how to make a photo calendar

It’s all too easy to get caught up with work, school, kids, etc. and forget about the little things – like how fun it is to make and receive homemade gifts for Christmas and other holidays. So why not commit this year to showing off some of your fantastic photos of your kids with a homemade calendar? Give them to family (especially grandparents), friends, and make a copy for yourself to enjoy. All you need is a few supplies and some time.

What You’ll Need

You don’t need a ton of supplies or skills to make a nice calendar, check it out:

–          Scissors and glue (or photo tape)

–          Heavy cardstock, white or multicolored

–          String or wool (to tie calendar together)

–          Hole punch

–          Pens and markers

–          Lots of photos!!

Step One: Print Photos

This is the one step that takes the longest – choosing your favourite photos! The best approach is to grab a few handfuls of photos and print out a few copies. You can then pick and choose the ones that are best suited for your calendar. Don’t forget to grab a few seasons so you can insert snow photos, colorful fall shots, and delightful spring and summer photos of your kids enjoying themselves.

For family calendars, include other family members (even furry ones) and a few of your favourite landscapes. Abstract photos can make for pretty pages as well. When you’ve made your selections, send them off to a reputable printer and collect at your leisure.

Step Two: Calendar Template

Next, you’ll need a calendar (or rather, the month pages). These can easily be printed from a Microsoft Word template, or found online. You can print at home, or save and take to an office center if you want higher-quality results.

Print an extra copy or two, in case of mistakes 🙂

Step Three: Compile

Take twelve pieces of card stock and punch two holes in the top (or more, if desired) and tie loosely with yarn, ribbon, or string. Next, glue your calendar pages (so you know which photos should go where). You can use pens, markers, etc. to mark family birthdays and holidays, even draw borders on the pages. Alternatively, you can use 11×17-inch stock and fold in half, just make sure you put it all together first so the right photos go with the right months!

Step Four: Add Kid’s Photos

Once your calendar is compiled, you can add photos to the opposite pages. Choose a few photos, or cut larger photos smaller and make a collage. Don’t forget the front cover! You can involve your kids by having them select which photos they prefer. They can even add glitter, stickers, messages to family, etc.

In just a few hours, you can have a handful of calendars ready to give to family for a great Christmas gift!

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