May 30, 2016
gifts for father's day photographer

Father’s Day is around the corner, and if you have a Dad in your life that’s enthusiastic about photography we have some great Father’s Day photography gift suggestions for you to consider:

A Rugged Camera

For Dad’s who love photography, but also love sports and generally getting outside, you might want to consider gifting him a more rugged camera that he can take on his adventures. One great camera to consider is the Ricoh (Pentax) WG-4 GPS Digital Camera. With a 16MP sensor, f/2.0 lens, and 6 LED lights this is a pretty versatile camera, and that’s BEFORE you consider its GPS capabilities, compass, a host of gauges, as well as being waterproof and shock-proof. Whether camping, climbing, kayaking, or just plain getting out there, this camera can hold up as well as taking great photos.

Multi-Use Gadgets

Dads love gadgets – right? So why not give him one he’ll find super-useful, like Une Bobine. It might not look like much but it’s a charging cable, tripod, stand and dock all-in-one for Dad’s backup camera: his iPhone. It’s like 5 gadgets in one! ($34.95 at Amazon)

GoPro Hero

For Dad’s who like video as much as photography, and also like to get out and about, consider a GoPro so they can record their exploits. With HD video and an easy mounting system to attach to bikes, boats, and helmets, Dads can have a great showing off their skills.

External Hard Drive

It might not be the flashiest Father’s Day gift, but it’s one that will much appreciate, especially if Dad hasn’t been backing up his photos. Solid state drives are the best option – with no moving parts they are guaranteed to last a long time and will keep all of Dad’s photos, videos, and other media safe.

Smartphone Camera Lenses

If Dad likes to muck about with photography on his smartphone, find some lens options so he can have fun with different types of photography. There’s a huge range of option available for different photography styles and budgets.

Photo Workshop

For Dad’s who are really into photography, but maybe aren’t at the skill level that they hoped they would be, a fantastic gift idea would be a photo workshop that is geared towards Dad’s preferred style of photography. Whether landscape photography, local photo tours, kid’s photography, or something else, odds are that you can find a photography workshop that Dad will love attending.

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