tips for better kid's photosIt doesn’t take much to get better at something, really. Whether it’s learning a language, learning to paint, or learning to take great photos, a few minor changes can go a long way. Try out just one of these photography tips and see how it effects your children’s photos.

Carry your camera, always

You can’t be expected to take great images if you don’t have the tools to do so. Although carrying your DSLR everywhere is a bit inconvenient, purchasing a decent pocket camera can fill in the gaps if your camera phone can’t pick up the slack.

Backgrounds are key

Who is in your image is just as important as what is behind them; get in the habit of consciously checking out your background before you commence taking children’s photos. Ensure that it compliments your subject, rather than taking away from them. Use leading lines or natural frames to draw more attention to the subject if the background is at all distracting.

tips for better children's photos

Let it go (or just relax)

Yes, it is important to know about thinks like camera modes, exposure, the rule of thirds, etc. But don’t let that hold you back from taking a good photo. Even when you look back on photos you have taken previously that may not be “perfect” don’t discount them, over time they may grow on you. If you have a choice between taking a photo, or not, take the photo.

Learn to see light

You can’t make great images without light, so your first step when getting ready to take a photo should be to understand the different qualities of light and how to use them to create a great photo. Overhead, bright sunlight behaves much differently than late-day, diffused sunlight. Sometimes you can move around to take advantage of a different lighting situation, so don’t discount an afternoon of taking children’s photos just because you don’t like the light.

Love your gear

The best camera, the best lens, and the best accessories will merely put a large hole in your bank account, they won’t make you a great photographer. Take the gear you have, learn it insides and out, and learn to love it. Eventually you might be ready to move up to more advanced equipment, but in the meantime you’ll have some good basics under your belt.

Finally: practice, practice, practice – nothing helps you get better at something than by continuing to try.

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