top reasons to hang kids photosWith getting the kids to school, after school events, weekend activities, etc., it’s wonder that you even have time to take photos of your kids, let alone sort, catalog, and figure out how to print them. But displaying kid’s photos is really important, and here’s why:

Boost Their Confidence

When kids see photos of themselves they get a real ego boost. While you wouldn’t want to have every wall decorated with photos of your kids, having a few here and there make them feel good, and helps to promote a positive self-image. They don’t all have to be “amazing” photos, either, as funny faces, sad, angry, sleepy etc., helps kids get a handle on the fact that they don’t have to be perfect.

Start a Conversation

Having kid’s photos and other memorable events displayed in your home is a great way to start a discussion with people who are visiting. Photo albums of events are also a fun way for kids to remember places they’ve been or things they’ve done. You can make a photo album, or let your kids choose which photos they like best to keep for their own.


If your walls are looking bare, there’s nothing more affordable, or more flexible, than decorating with photos. Whether you choose new frames, vintage frame, or a combination, for just a few dollars per photo you can create an interesting collage on any surface. If you want something a bit more creative, check out these DIY photo projects, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

tips for displaying kid's photos

Hint: Ikea has great prices on photo frames – as low as 49 cents each! You just have to keep your eyes peeled for great deals and perhaps be prepared to paint a few to match your decor.

Remember Events

Remember that time you went to so-and-so’s barbecue and your kids had a blast with the dress-up box? Neither do your kids – but posting a photo will trigger everyone’s memory and keep it fresh.

If your kids love seeing pictures of themselves as they grow up, consider a craft that you can add to each year, such as a collage wall or a photo table.

Display your Work

Odds are, even if you’ve only been seriously into kid’s photography for a little while, that you have some images you are really proud of – so why not put them on display? Find a few of your favorites, create a theme, or just post your best images for the year and update them as your photography skills blossom.

Even if you have some photos of your kids around the house, print more! Change up old photos or just have a regular rotation of your favorites. Combine sizes, formats (square, wide, etc.) and color vs. black and white to create a fun photo environment. Have fun with it!

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