March 20, 2017
choosing a family photographer

Even if you excel at child and family photography, there are times when you are going to want to put down your camera so you can step in front of the lens – which means you’ll need to find a great family photographer. Selecting a family photographer that can take great photos of your kids and all of you together isn’t hard, if you know exactly what to look for.

Tip One: Great Family Photos

The first sign of a great family photographer is great photos – photos that you like to look at, even if you don’t know the people who are in them. Working with families, particularly those with young children, can be a challenge, but a great family photographer has the experience to know how to set the scene and capture the moment.

Take a look at online portfolios first to identify great family photographers, from there you can start to whittle down your options.

Tip Two: Variety of Photos

Here’s where you’ll want to pay attention when you look at family photography photos: do they all tend to be similar, or are there differences? What you are checking is that the family photographer you’re considering isn’t set in their ways – that they can work with different scenes and settings to create dynamic, original, and memorable photos of your family.

What to look for? Different types of families, different settings (indoor/outdoor), different locations and most of all…different conditions. If you are aiming for an outdoor family photography session you’ll want to know that your chosen photographer can work with different types of weather and still create great photos.

Choosing a fantastic family photographer in Larchmont NY 10538

Tip Three: Family Photography Style

Every photographer has a particular style that will tend to come across in their portfolios. Some prefer static, seated and posed shots, others will aim for more “lifestyle” photography that will feature the family interacting with their environment. You want to find a style that appeals to you: whether it’s black and white, fun and quirky, posed, or a variety thereof.

Tip Four: Reviews & Referrals

What do previous clients say about your photographer? Were they easy to work with, flexible, did they offer options? How did they deal with a difficult situation? All these things are important to know before you book – which is why so many family photographers find a large portion of their clients through referrals and online review sites because you know that you’ll be getting a professional.

Start with the photographer’s own site, but branch out to other online review sites or even search for the photographer’s name online (just make sure you’re getting the right person). Keep in mind that some people are impossible to satisfy, no matter what, but in general, the reviews should be positive.

choosing a family photographer in Westchester County

Tip Five: Rates & Packages

We have to talk about money somewhere since there is a huge range when it comes to family photographers, but notice that we put this criteria last on the list. An incredible amount of time, skill, and equipment goes into creating memorable family photos so please resist the urge to choose a budget family photographer – you will absolutely get what you pay for.

That being said, your chosen family photographer should be able to work with you to create a package that provides the best blend of price and product so both sides are happy with the result.

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Tips for selecting a fantastic family photographer

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