maternity photography tipsWhen you’re expecting it’s easy to think about all the things you’ll do during your pregnancy, but usually not everything will go according to plan. However, one thing you should absolutely plan for is a maternity photography session before you’re due. In case you need a bit of inspiration, here are our best for great maternity photography:

Go Outdoors

Studios are fine, so is your home. But if your belly is begging to be photographed why not take it outside? You’ll find lots of great backgrounds to use – mountains, trees, water, beaches – all so much more interesting than your living room curtains.

You’ll want to make sure that what you wear contrasts with your background. Natural colors work really well (white, beige, grey), but you’ll want to let your own personality shine through.

Get Comfortable

Staying home is a good idea as well, particularly if you’re not comfortable baring your belly outside. Your home probably has a few places with good lighting and a nice setting – your bed, living room couch, even the kitchen.

When you’re at home you can get more into staging and props, as well as perhaps showing a bit more skin than if you were in a studio or outside (if that’s the type of shot you’re going for). Blocks, balloons, a sign with the due date, or write a message on your tummy.

maternity photography tipsDon’t Overthink

With all the things you have to do to get ready for a baby, it can be easy to blow off maternity photos as “too much work” – but it doesn’t have to be. Decent lighting and a good setting are really all you need, plus either a friend to take photos or a tripod and timer. One photo is better than none, you don’t want to look back later and wish you’d taken a few maternity photos.

Feel Beautiful

Yes, when you’re carrying around an extra 20, 30, 40lbs you might not feel like posing for the cover of Vogue – but you’re growing a person! Embrace your body and your beauty. Remember that no one has to see your final photos, so be bold and take a few “just you” shots. When you look back on your pregnancy a few years later you might feel a lot differently about your baby-body.

maternity photography tips

Include Dad

Some spouses aren’t overly interested in being in front of the camera, but your child will certainly want to see photos of both of you and them when they get older. If they’re overly camera-shy, do a shot of just your belly with both sets of hands on it.

Include Everyone Else

Get the family involved in your maternity photos! After all, they’re nearly as involved in the whole baby-raising game as you are. Whether kids, extended family, or pets, find a way to put them in the picture.

maternity photography tipsExplore and Create

Look for ways to make different maternity photos. One of my favorite recent photos (it was a baby announcement) was a dad holding two bags of ice while the mom hand her hands shaped in a heart on her belly. Ice, Ice, Baby – get it? Cheesy, but really effective. Use Pinterest and look for fun ways to photograph your pregnancy, or simply try a few things until you get maternity photos you really want.

Of course, even with all the tips in the world you just might not feel like you can get the perfect maternity photos, or maybe you just don’t want to have to worry about them, in which case you can find a great maternity photographer to help you out.

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