editing children's portraitsWouldn’t it be great if every kids’ photo you took came out picture-perfect? Unfortunately, this rarely happens – even the best photographers often need a little assistance getting their photos from great to amazing, which is why it can be super handy to have a few photos-editing tricks up your sleeve, such as the following:


If you understand the rule of thirds, as well as choosing a focal point, then you know where things should be in a photo to make them as memorable as possible. Unfortunately, you might not always be able to get it right “in camera” – so learn how to crop, whether in a free program like Picasa or something more robust like Lightroom or Photoshop. While you don’t need to invest in an expensive tool for photo editing, if you’re serious about getting the most out of every photo of your child some programs can offer more flexibility than others.

tips to edit children's photos

Tip: Try a few different crops (such as portrait to landscape) before settling on your final choice.


When horizons or lines in a photo aren’t perfectly straight it can ruin a good photo – so learn how to straighten! If you have to straighten and crop a photo, straighten first as you’ll look a bit on the edges with the process.

editing children's photosContrast

The difference between lights and darks in a photo can make a difference in how that photo captures interest – get used to playing with balance and contrast to see if you can improve a formerly dull image.

Remove Spots

Occasionally you might have some dirt on your lens or sensor that leaves a spot on the photo – this should only take a minute to fix with a spot healing tool. Likewise if you see something distracting in the background.

Black and White

Not all portraits will look good in black and white, but if you notice a photo with a lot of tonal contrast (from dark to bright) you might want to give it a try! Usually you just need to click a button, so it’s worth the attempt, if you don’t like the results you can always undo.

tips to edit children's photosColor Saturation

If the colors in your image are a bit blah you can give them a boost by playing with color saturation. Free programs will let you adjust overall saturation, while more complex programs will let you adjust individual color channels to get the best results. Don’t go too overboard thought, there’s nothing worse than and over-saturated photo!

Add Text

Learning to add text is a fun way to get more out of your photos – by using them for thank you cards, invitations, Christmas greetings, etc. Pretty much every photo editing software will have a way to add text, but so will online photo labs where you upload to print.

Finally, get to know your photography editing software – it contains a lot of fun and helpful tools to help you get the most out of your kid’s photos! If you’re shopping around for a good program, Photoshop Elements is free to try and fairly inexpensive to own.

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