kids photo compositionContinually looking for a way to improve your photography can be a challenge, which is why it can be a better option to choose little things to improve on. Here’s a few to consider:

Look for Balance

Creating balance helps to make for an eye-catching image. Try arranging your subject opposite other elements, or with lines, shapes, or color. However, putting everything in the middle isn’t the way to go.

kid's photo tips composition

Create Patterns

You can create symmetry and interest by looking for patterns in trees, lamps, fence posts, etc., and integrating them into your image. Also look for repetitions that lead into the frame: walkways, pathways, train tracks, and so on.

kids photos composition tips


The easiest, most straightforward way to make better photos is to cut out everything that might prove a distraction – it lets you focus on the best parts, as well as incorporating composition tips like the rule of thirds.

Include Elements

Look for ways to add natural elements to your images, such as sky, grass, or water. Think about how great a portrait image looks when it’s surrounded by nature – rather than just blankness.

Portrait and Landscape

Rather than shooting portraits in portrait orientation, or landscapes the other way, try switching it up. If you’re not sure which works best, try shooting a few shots in both modes. You never know unless you try!

kids photo composition tipsTell a Tale

What is your image trying to say? Is it an emotion, like happiness or joy? Or is it a record of an event – first day of school or a holiday? Rather than taking a simple portrait, include elements in your image that help to tell the story.

Creatively Crop

You can’t get everything perfect in camera; sometimes you’ll need an extra hand to ensure your images come out just right. Cropping is one of those things. It lets you work on elements like balance, or the rule of thirds, so you can create a stronger image. You may also want to learn to adjust your horizons to ensure they are straight, as well as color and contrast to make your images as perfect as possible.

Practice makes perfect – so keep your camera handy and test out at least a few of these composition tips every time you have a chance to take photos. The more you practice, the more these tips will become second nature, soon you’ll barely have to think about them as you create amazing images of your kids, your family, and everything around you.


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