best time for children's photosIf you’re frustrated with trying to get good photos from your kids, maybe you need to adjust when you’re taking out your camera and look for better times of the day/week/month to capture your kids in better moods. Want some pointers on the best time to photograph children? Great!!

Photograph Children After Nap Time

For young kids who are tired, it can be like trying to pull the teeth they don’t have yet to get good shots. If your little one is happier after waking up from a nap, then wait until then for photos. If your child wakes up a bit on the cranky side, then see below.

Photograph Children Post-Snack / Meal

A full child is typically a happy child, so grab the camera while Dad cleans up the dishes (you hear that, Dad?) and get down on the floor with your little one. Make some silly faces or do whatever is necessary to get some smiles.

Photograph Children Before Bedtime

Some kids get downright hilarious when they’re tired, making it a great time to capture their unique personalities – especially if they tend towards the “crazy-hyper” mode when bedtime approaches. Just make sure you’re there to catch them and tuck them in when they finally tire out.

Photograph Children While Asleep

Hey, sometimes this might be the only way to get good photos, particularly with newborns. Don’t feel bad, it really is just a phase that they’ll soon grow out of, in the meantime have fun sticking them (safely) in baskets and other items for super-cute shots.

best time to photograph children

Photograph Children When They’re Busy

For toddlers and older kids you can get some great photos of your children when they are busy with a craft or engrossed in a good book, even when they’re just interacting with another child. By letting them get involved in a task you’re taking the pressure off, as they won’t have to “perform” for the camera. Haul out some pots and pans, paints, plant the garden, or head to the park with camera in tow. For the more extroverted kids, set up a stage and have them perform!

Photograph Children With the Family

When kids are getting along nicely with their siblings or hanging out with a parent or grandparent you should have your camera handy. There’s no doubt that your child will love to look back on these moments with someone they love later on in life. Birthday parties, family reunions, and holidays are also great times to have your camera handy for some excellent family photos.

Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love for you to share!

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