iphone 6 camera reviewAnother Apple “big reveal” has come and gone, and while you may have missed it, the new iPhone models have a few interesting features for people who really like to take smartphone photos of their kids. So, if you just happen to need a new phone and want a good camera at the same time, here are a few things to look for:

Sleekness of the New iPhone

If you find your current smartphone a bit bulky, then you may like the new design of both models, which are thinner than previous, with the iPhone 6 model only 6.9mm thick.

iPhone 6 Screen Size

Seeing your photos is an important step when it comes to reviewing and making changes to take better photos of your kids, so the higher-resolution screen may catch your attention. However, if you are really interested in crispness you may find it interesting that the new iPhone is still 720pm rather than a full HD 1080p like other new phone models.

The larger (5.5 into the 6’s 4.7 in) screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is something to really consider – particularly if you find yourself constantly enlarging text or reaching for your glasses.

What About the iPhone Camera?

Now we get down to the nitty gritty – is the camera on the new iPhone worth the upgrade? In a word, no. Retaining their 8MP sensor, the iPhone falls far short of other competitors like Sony and Nokia (offering 21MP to 43MP camera sensors). While the number of megapixels isn’t always the most important feature, it is interesting to note that Apple isn’t trying to keep up with the competition.

However, if you need an iPhone regardless, then you may like some of the additional features, including time-lapse options, faster focusing, burst mode for “selfies” and slow motion video.

Iphone 6 or 6s?

Unlike the previous release, you should spend some time considering which model is best for you. Obviously the larger size of the 6s is going to be your primary consideration as it likely means you can no longer just stick your phone in your pocket.

What it Comes Down to

In the end, it probably comes down to a few things. Do you want an iPhone, or another model that might have a better camera? What are you paying for it? Here’s a breakdown:

–          iPhone 6 with contract: $199 (16GB) / $299 (64GB) / $399 (128GB)

–          iPhone 6 no contract: $649 (16GB) / $749 (64GB) / $849 (128GB)

–          iPhone 6 Plus with contract: $299 (16GB) / $399 (64GB) / $499 (128GB)

–          iPhone 6 Plus contract: $859 (16GB) / $969 (64GB) / $1079 (128GB)

Let those numbers sink in for a bit. For one, could you get a much better camera Smartphone, such as the Nokia Lumina 1020 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, for cheaper now that everyone’s all over the iPhone. If you don’t actually need a new smartphone you could easily buy a nice compact camera, entry-level DSLR, or even a new lens for that money.

So, given the information, buying a new iPhone simply for the camera is probably not the best choice. However, if you must have one (and we completely understand), take the time to get to know the new features and get the most out of your smartphone photography.



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