choosing a twin photographerWith all the madness surrounding carrying, preparing for, and giving birth to twins, choosing a twin photographer doesn’t seem like a high priority. But at some point you’re going to want documentation of your little one’s journey through life, so the next time you have a spare moment perhaps it’s time to start your search! Here’s what to look for in a terrific twin photographer:

Tip 1: Specialization is Key

Sure, you could find a great baby photographer and invite them to take photos of your twins, but do they have the requisite skill set to not only photograph twins, but also stage the scene and manage older kids? By looking specifically for a twin/multiples photographer you’ll know they have what it takes to deal with the challenge of photographing more than one subject at a time.

tips to choose a twin photographerTip 2: Setting the Scene

Look for a twin photographer that has experience setting up great scenes. If you see the same backdrop and foreground over and over again, this may be an indication that this particular twin/multiples photographer lacks the experience to work with different scenarios. This is especially important if you want a photographer to shoot “in the field” – as in at your home or outdoors.

tips for choosing a great twin photographer

Tip 3: Great Twin Photographers Offer Variety

As above, a terrific twin photographer should have a variety of poses and shot types in their portfolio. These include portrait images taken from different distances, as well as “story” shots that pull back a bit to include the surroundings. As your twins age and begin to take in the world around them, it becomes more important for the images that are taken of them to do the same.

Tip 4: Look for Individuality

Twins are great together, but they also have personalities of their own. If you only see twin shots in a photographer’s portfolio, you may want to keep looking – it’s just as important to capture the individuality of each sibling as it is to get them together, which becomes more important as they start to grow and express themselves.

choosing a twins multiples photographerTip 5: Find Flexibility

Is your chosen twin photographer flexible? What this means is, can they offer a variety of times and locations to choose from? Can they come to you? In those busy first months the ability of your twin photographer to work with your schedule can be vital to ensuring a stress-free experience.

Finally, do your homework. Talk to other moms of multiples, check out online reviews, and ask lots of questions. Remember that the really great twin photographers will be booked up early, which means you need to get started soon in order to find the perfect photographer for your new arrivals.


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