tips for baby and newborn photographyHave a tiny baby? Lucky! Well, depending on how much sleep you are getting 😉 Regardless, your tiny baby presents an ideal opportunity for exploring baby and newborn photography. Which is why we’ve pulled together some top tips for photographing babies like a pro:

Baby Photography Tip 1: Get Down

The best angle to engage and shoot your baby is on their level, so get ready to spend some time on your belly. Taking shots at eye level with your baby helps to get those “eye focused” shots that really connect with you, and anyone else who has the pleasure of seeing your photos. If floor level is a bit uncomfortable, make your baby safe and cozy on a couch, using a blanket to create a comprehensive background.

Baby Photography Tip #2: Get Close

While full-body shots of your baby are a good way to see how they are growing, you’ll find that close up (or zoom) shots are the ones that you’ll come back to most. Getting close may mean zooming in your lens, or simply get closer to your child. There’s no absolute right or wrong way to go about photographing babies, so have fun with it!

baby photography tips

 Baby Photography Tip #3: Go Macro

A macro shot is one where small objects appear as large as or larger than their actual size. For babies and newborns, this usually means hands and feet, but can also mean eyes, mouths, noses, and ears. A macro mode (usually represented as a flower on point-and-shoot cameras) or a macro-capable lens will usually produce the best results, but so can just getting close or cropping later when you edit your photos. Regardless, make sure you get good focus on your focal point.

baby photography tips

 Baby Photography Tip #4: Find the Best Time

Babies tend to have identifiable happy/sad/sleep cycles throughout each day, so find the time of day when your baby is usually the most cheerful (or the least cranky) and plan to take photos during this time. Also don’t forget bath time and tummy time – which are perfect for fun, candid shots. Barring that, wait until they are asleep!

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Baby Photography Tip #5: Go Black & White

Experiment with black and white photography when you have the time – it can produce spectacular shots. Your camera should have a mode (in the menu) for black and white photography, or you can use editing software to convert your color shots to black and white after the fact. On days when your baby is a bit “blotchy” due to infant acne or dry skin this can be a lifesaver!

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Baby Photography Tip #6: Keep Taking Photos!

After the first few weeks (or months) you may feel like you’ve had enough of taking newborn photos. Take a break for a week or so, but remember to come back to your camera. Your baby is constantly growing, changing, and learning new things – as are you with your baby photography. While you won’t be able to catch all of it on camera, you can certainly get a lot of these moments as photographs to share with friends, family, and even your child when he or she is older.

Of course, not everyone has the time to spend trying to capture perfect newborn baby photos – if you’re stressed that you might not be able to get “perfect” photos before they grow out of the tiny baby stage perhaps consider hiring a professional baby photographer? It’s worth the peace of mind knowing that you will have some spectacular photos to remember this special time.

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