Now that the holiday season is upon us, you undoubtedly want to get your camera out and start making memories! Other than your standard front yard photoshoot, where are some other places where you can take your family for some great photos? Here are some suggestions:

A Big Tree

In virtually any town or city, anywhere in North America, there is a beautifully-lit Christmas tree. Pack some hot cocoa and get your family posed in front of the gorgeous lights!
Tip: If you want amazing “bokeh” (blurred background), have your family stand a bit farther away from the tree and use a larger aperture (or portrait mode).Ice Skating

Posed shots are all well and good, but so are action shots where your loved ones are really having a good time. Take the family to an outdoor rink, lace up, and get some great photos! Don’t forget to use the action mode on your camera or a faster shutter speed to ensure crisp photos.

The Mountains

Nothing says “Christmas!” like a bunch of snow, so head up to your local mountain for a dose of the white stuff. Remember to dress warm! While you are there, consider taking some time out for skiing, sledding, or snow-shoeing – these also make for fun candid photos.

Tip: See this post on taking photos of skiiers and sledders for some good advice on snapping fantastic winter action photos, and this post offering tips on getting great snow photos.

The Beach

As long as it’s not windy, the beach is a terrific location for a photoshoot. Your kids will think it’s hilarious to go to the beach in the winter, and there’s still a ton of things they can do to keep busy while you set up your camera.

The Mall

If it’s too cold or rainy to go outside, or your kids just aren’t up for it, go to the mall. There are always Christmas displays you can use as a backdrop (and toy shops to bribe your kids with). Don’t forget to visit Santa while you’re there!

Remember that all this work shouldn’t be for nothing – don’t forget to share your photos, print them, use them for crafts, or make a collage!

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