December 19, 2016
manage kid's photos

manage kid's photosHalf the problem with taking so many photos of your kids in the digital age is that we end up with thousands of files, and that can preclude us from finding the real “gems” – those photos that deserve to be printed and hung, or sent to family members. So how do you cut down on the fluff kid’s photos, without losing the good ones? Here are some tips:

Tip One: Go Easy with Burst Mode

Sure, holding down the shutter button increases the chances that you’ll get a good shot, but it also means you’ll have five or ten times the number of kid’s photos to sort through. Instead, work on getting sharp focus, and then snap a few quick shots. Quickly check your images and make adjustments, then go back for a few more shots.

Tip Two: Aim for Perfect Focus

As mentioned above, taking a thousand photos where focus is off isn’t as good as one or two kid’s photos that are perfect. Learn when to use different focus modes – it can save you time and energy in the long run as you won’t spend as much time culling photos of your kids that are just a bit blurry.

Tip Three: Review and Learn

Going over old kid’s photos is a great way to identify areas of your photography where you could use some improvement. Perhaps your composition needs sprucing up, or your camera tends to overexpose. Or, maybe you need to work on posing and finding the right clothing for photo shoots. Finding these areas and making a concerted effort to improve them means you’ll have far fewer throwaways.

tips to manage kid's photosTip Four: Cut Out Distractions

It’s important to pay attention to everything in an image, not just your kids. Many perfect photos are ruined simply because there’s something distracting in the foreground or background that’s not easily removed in post-processing. Look at the entire scene, and try to keep the distractions to a minimum.

Tip Five: Get Creative

Sometimes you might have two pretty good photos, but combined they can make one great photo. This is especially the case when you are taking photos of siblings, when invariably one of them has the perfect smile, while the other is grimacing. Learning a few quick tips to swap heads or correct a blinky eye can help you save some great images.

Tip Six: Don’t Hold Back

You might be tempted to hang onto a few shots of each set that you take, resist! Those saved shots add up, and over a year or three we could be talking about an extra few thousand image. So be merciless.

Final Tip: At least a few times per year, back up your photos to a safe location. All it takes is one break in or other catastrophe and you’ll have lost some precious memories.



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