desk with DSLR camera and 3-day marketing challenge for photographers

The 3-Day Challenge: Marketing Beyond Social Media


The 3-Day Challenge will skyrocket your local business skills, fine-tune your marketing, and help you book more clients!

  • Each day of the Challenge will focus on specific topics related to marketing your business.
  • The Challenge takes place live over 3 days and will focus on marketing tactics that can help your local business. 
  • We’ll hold a daily live class followed by a 10-minute Q+A session, after which you’ll apply the concepts we’ve covered.
  • You love your business but don’t love the marketing side of it 
  • You are sick of the constant content creation and keeping up with the algorithms on social media
  • The word “networking” makes you cringe 
  • You know you should market your business but just don’t know where to begin 
  • If any of this sounds like you, join me in the challenge so I can help you! 

“I just started my business last year, and Jane’s advice and support have allowed me to get to charge a price where I can finally go full-time. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better support system for me.”

Jess A, MI