Focus on business

The VIP Package

Join me for a day-long “Focus on Your Business” experience designed to equip you with everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Jane Goodrich VIP coaching program for photographers

Transform your photography business

This package includes a 6-hour VIP Day with me. This can be done via Zoom but is most impactful at my studio based in Westchester, NY. In addition, for the 3 months following your VIP Day experience, I will continue to guide you as you transform your business via a monthly follow-up call. You will walk away with the right pricing and pricing model for your business and the tangible next steps to attract the right client so you can have the business of your dreams. 

“Jane is brilliant when it comes to business management, pricing, and mindset. She is so positive and encouraging and has really held my hand while I am building my business.”

Rachael E, CO
Jane Goodrich VIP coaching experience

If we haven’t met yet…

Hi! I’m Jane. My passion is to support and empower photographers to reach new levels of profitable success. My coaching is designed to give photographers like you a roadmap and community that helps you generate income and run a successful business doing something you love!

What’s Included in The VIP Experience…

  • We’ll calculate your pricing and get you profitable
  • Find your ideal pricing model and create customized packages
  • Determine your ideal client
  • Set your ideal weekly and yearly schedule
  • Review your systems and processes
  • Website audit and feedback
  • Marketing audit and recommendations

3 Monthly Coaching Calls

After your VIP Day, we’ll stay in touch with 3 monthly calls. I’ll help you with additional tips and be a sounding board for any issues you run into as you transform your business. We can talk about clients, mindset, and anything else that meets you where you are and helps you get to where you want to be.

No fluff, Just real steps toward your goals.

This is your opportunity to benefit from my step-by-step process that I have honed as I built a small business and photography industry advocate. Paired with my marketing experience and MBA, the VIP Package will provide you with a roadmap to success full of actionable steps that bring you real results.

Right now you are…

  • having trouble finding an easy system to use to run your business 
  • not making profits that allow you to earn a living with your photography
  • struggling to find a marketing strategy that attracts the right clients

But you want to…

  • run your business with ease, make more money, and bring your dreams to life.
  • be priced for profit so you can make a living doing what you love
  • Identify the right marketing tactics that will help you land your ideal client

With the VIP Package, this could be the year you…

finally learn how to create pricing, marketing, and workflow systems that let you run a profitable and sustainable photography business so you make a living doing something you love!

Photographer and coach Jane Goodrich with camera in studio

“Jane has been a wonderful mentor! With her help I’ve learned the importance of believing in myself and my work. She has taught me that it is imperative to be profitable at every stage of my photography journey to ensure I’m set up for lasting success. Jane has also given me the tools I need to make sure I’m charging enough to be profitable. She is always there to answer my questions and cheer me on. Jane has played a key role in my growth as a photographer and business owner! I wouldn’t be where I am without her!”

Jess Allen, Jess Allen Photography

Need a little more info?

Schedule a quick call and we can chat about the ways your investment in the VIP Package can help you get what you want out of your business.

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