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The 3-Day Challenge

The 3-Day Challenge will skyrocket your local business skills, fine-tune your marketing, and help you book more clients!

The 3-day Challenge is for you if…

Jane Goodrich photography business coach in light filled room
  • You love your business but don’t love the marketing side of it 
  • You are sick of the constant content creation and keeping up with the algorithms on social media
  • The word “networking” makes you cringe 
  • You know you should market your business but just don’t know where to begin 
  • If any of this sounds like you, join me in the challenge so I can help you! 
Transform your business

If any of this sounds like you, I can help! Join me in the Challenge!

The Challenge takes place live over 3 days and will focus on marketing tactics that can help your local business. Be sure to block off your calendar for the duration of the Challenge so you can focus on your business. Each day of the Challenge, we will have a live class with 10 minutes at the end for Q+A, and then you will implement what we have discussed. The calls will be recorded and posted in the exclusive Facebook group.

Each day of the Challenge will focus on specific topics related to marketing your business

Day 1- Get Local

We’ll start by uncovering your ideal client. Then we’ll find local businesses that share that client. Finally, we’ll talk about ways to network with local businesses without the cringe, and finish with live Q & A coaching. 

Day 2- Email

We’ll dive into the importance of an email list and how to build and grow yours. Next, we’ll talk about lead magnets on your website. Finally, I’ll walk you through what I write in an email newsletter to nurture clients and finish with live Q & A coaching.

Day 3-Google Biz

This day will focus on your Google Business Profile. We’ll talk about how to optimize your profile for searches. Then we’ll talk about the best ways to get client reviews, and finish with live Q & A coaching.

“I just started my business last year, and Jane’s advice and support have allowed me to get to charge a price where I can finally go full-time. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better support system for me.”

Jess A, MI

Q & A

Q: Will I be able to view the coaching if I can’t make the live calls?

A: Yes, but we highly recommend coming to the lives! The calls will be recorded, posted in the Facebook group, and emailed to you for replay.

Q: Will I get a chance to ask questions?

A: Yes! there will be 10 minutes at the end of each lesson to ask questions, and the final day will be all Q&A!

Q: What type of businesses will this work for?

A: While I do focus on photography businesses, having run two of my own for the last 14 years, the methods taught in these classes are suitable and applicable to all local service-based businesses. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions!

Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

This is non-refundable with no exceptions. When you show up to all three sessions and engage in the group, you will maximize your investment.

How can I get extra help?

On the 3rd day of the challenge, I will walk you through the different options that you’ll have to work with me. 

When will the live calls be held?

The Live calls will be held at 10am PST / 1pm EST on X,Y,Z

How much does it cost?

Only $37!

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